Christmas Pocket Planners

Gleaming in Green: Christmas Pocket Planner

holiday plannerOh, so lovely! This monochromatic take on a Christmas pocket planner is sophisticated and stylish ... and easy to make from a simple two-pocket folder.

From blogger Kym's Creations, this is a wonderful example of a pretty Christmas pocket planner.

Don't miss Kym's organized touch: integrated catalog and internet order trackers built into the planner itself:

Kym's Creations Holiday Planner

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Christmas Pocket Planner: Dream, Create and Share!

Christmas pocket plannerShe blogs as "Dream, Create and Share", so we're thrilled to share this creative dream of a Christmas pocket planner from Tammy.

Built from a legal-sized manila file folder--I'm guessing that the extra length is folded up to create the pockets--her sweet and pretty embellishments make this Christmas pocket planner a treat for the eyes.

We'd love to see a detailed how-to for this handmade Christmas planner!

Christmas Pocket Planner from Dream, Create and Share

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Pocket Christmas Planner ... With Printable Gift Guide Template!

christmas plannerCan you make a Christmas planner from a simple 2-pocket folder? With back-to-school sales offering these items at a bargain price, take a tip from craft blogger Stamp, Paper, Scissors and create a custom holiday organizer from an inexpensive school staple.

This Christmas planner packs a lot of punch into a small space. While we've seen pocket-folder planners before, her clever addition of a small "gift guide" notebook, calendar (using printable calendars from and receipt envelope makes this planner extra special.

Make a Christmas Organizer

Don't miss the printable template for the gift guide notebook! Created from your own printer, it adds new functionality to a pocket Christmas Planner:

gift guide template

Gift Guide Page Template


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