Creative Christmas Planners

Christmas Planner Tutorial: Altered Spiral Notebook

holiday plannerIt's purse-sized and powerful: an altered spiral notebook turned holiday planner!

Papercrafter Krista, blogging as Scraps in Bloom, shares her method for creating a tiny treasure for holiday planning with this step-by-step tutorial. Beginning with a small notebook, she shows how to add covers, divider pages and embellishments.

We'd suggest including a fold-out envelope for receipts--and we love the ribbon-tab dividers!

Made in multiple, these small Christmas planners would make wonderful gifts for a special sister or friend. Get crafting!

Tutorial: Altered Spiral Notebook Holiday Planner

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Christmas Planner: Zowie!

christmas planenrWe've seen creative Christmas planners around here, but zowie! This one is a marvel!

From blogger Life Outside the Fishbowl, we're stunned by the colorful, creative use of shapes, embellishments and materials--and only wish we could see more.

Looks like this christmas planner is the subject of an upcoming class in Chantilly, Virginia; if only it were taking place in my neck of the woods!

Christmas Planner: Zowie!

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Small Is Good: Purse-Sized Holiday Planner

christmas notebookDownsizing your Christmas notebook this year? Take a look at this simple--but powerful--purse-sized Christmas planner created by Laurie.

Blogging as My Home For The Holidays, she's made small and simple her goal this year. Using downsized copies of Christmas planner forms from, her hand-made notebook has all the organizing elements anyone would need to get organized for Christmas.

Laurie's Holiday Planner

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Tutorial: Altered File Folder Christmas Planner

altered file folderReady to get organized for the holiday season? Find inspiration--and how-to help--with this altered file folder tutorial from papercraft blog Angel Stamper.

Made from a simple office file folder, this lovely little Christmas planner packs a lot of punch into a small space. Precise measurements, clear instructions and close-up photos make it easy (even for crafting klutzes like me!) to create a pretty place to prepare for Christmas.

Note, too, the clever use of non-traditional colors and patterns. Who says Christmas has to be red and green? With this kind of inspiration, an inexpensive file folder and a few scraps of scrapbooking paper can become a Christmas organizing powerhouse. Nice job!

Altered File Folder Christmas Planner

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Holiday Planner: Pretty Composition Notebook Cover

holiday plannerIf simple--but pretty--is what you're looking for in a Christmas planner, check out this offering from

Using a simple composition notebook, these clever crafters have added a pretty, three-dimensional cover. Stamped felt holly leaves form a pretty frame for a die-cut title.

We like the innovative stamping technique of running scrap cardstock through a crimper, then using it as a rubber stamp to create candy-stripe effects.

Holiday Planner

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