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Christmas Notebook Tour: Nuts and Bolts of Organized Holidays

christmas notebook tourLooking at some of our "over the top" Christmas planner tours, it can be hard to imagine using these works of art to actually organize the Christmas holidays.

That's why blogger Headly's hard-working Christmas notebook is worth the tour: it shows the nuts and bolts of using a Christmas planner to get organized for the holiday season.

We love her hands-on photo tour of a working Christmas planner:

Christmas Notebook Tour: Stay At Home Mom To Three Blog

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Gleaming in Green: Christmas Pocket Planner

holiday plannerOh, so lovely! This monochromatic take on a Christmas pocket planner is sophisticated and stylish ... and easy to make from a simple two-pocket folder.

From blogger Kym's Creations, this is a wonderful example of a pretty Christmas pocket planner.

Don't miss Kym's organized touch: integrated catalog and internet order trackers built into the planner itself:

Kym's Creations Holiday Planner

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Christmas Pocket Planner: Dream, Create and Share!

Christmas pocket plannerShe blogs as "Dream, Create and Share", so we're thrilled to share this creative dream of a Christmas pocket planner from Tammy.

Built from a legal-sized manila file folder--I'm guessing that the extra length is folded up to create the pockets--her sweet and pretty embellishments make this Christmas pocket planner a treat for the eyes.

We'd love to see a detailed how-to for this handmade Christmas planner!

Christmas Pocket Planner from Dream, Create and Share

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Christmas Planner: Altered File Folder

christmas plannerJust when you think you've seen a Christmas planner in every possible format, inspiration strikes again!

Check out this simple Christmas planner based on an ordinary office file folder from papercrafter Angel Brentwood.

Small enough to tuck into a purse, it's a pretty, portable solution to Christmas organizing:

Christmas Planner - Altered File Folder

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Karen's "Girly Pink" Christmas Planner

pink Christmas plannerOh-la-la ... and so girly! Blogger (and "crafty Cornishwoman") Karen created this creative "girly-pink" Christmas planner in a 6-by-8 custom format.

Constructed from chipboard and scrapbooking papers, this is a wildly creative Christmas planner. With dividers for cards, gifts and food, along with a receipt envelope, this simple ring-bound Christmas planner covers the basics in a small space.

Don't miss the receipt pocket tucked inside the front cover. Love it!

Karen's Christmas Planner

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