Cover Story! Print Basic Pages For Your Christmas Planner

Setting up a Christmas planner, you'll need a few basics--and a few bells-and-whistles--to create a workable organizing tool.

Lined blank pages make it easy to journal, take notes or make lists, so stock up on these versatile planner pages. Divider pages separate the Christmas planner into sensible sections, and help organize information. A pretty cover makes using the Christmas planner fun!

In this section, finds the best free printable planner covers, dividers and blank lined pages on the Web.

Decorate, divide and make notes in your Christmas planner with these Web resources:

Printable Planner Pages from

Parent site's printable Christmas planner library is a gold mine for printable Christmas planner pages.

Cover Pages: Following the Christmas Countdown or Houseworks Holiday Plan organizing plans this year? Print cover pages for your plan notebooks:

Printable Christmas Countdown Planner Cover

Houseworks Holiday Plan Cover

Holiday Grand Plan Cover

Divider Pages: The printable Christmas planner library includes divider pages to print. Slip each page into a see-through page protector to create pretty dividers for your Christmas planner:

Christmas Countdown Planner Dividers

Houseworks Holiday Plan Dividers

Lined Blank Pages: Notes, lists and inventories are easy with printable lined pages in a variety of colors:

Lined Pages from