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Black and White and Shabby Chic: A Printable Christmas Checklist

christmas checklistWhat's black and white and shabby chic all over? This new 9-page set of Christmas planner printables from blogger Kerryanne at Australia's Shabby Art Boutique blog.

With calendar pages, gift lists and a holiday budget page, these line-art planner pages will appeal to whimsical types everywhere. Use the pages as-is, or haul out the Copic markers to create your own masterpiece!

Bundled as a 9-page .PDF file, you'll need the free Adobe Reader to open and print your Shabby Art Christmas Checklist. Bonzer stuff, mate!

Simply Christmas Checklist Planner Pages


Papercraft Pretties: Print Christmas Planner Pages

free christmas planner printablesNot being especially gifted in the artistic area, I'm always amazed to see what a talented paper-crafter can do to jazz up a printable form!

Don't believe me? Just check out these Christmas planner forms from the Paper Crafting Obsession blog! Mistress of the digital arts, blogger Tami has taken simple lists and directories to a whole new level--and better still, she's sharing them with you!

Swappers, don't miss her juiced-up versions of our Swaps Tracker and Swaps Directory forms.

One caveat: these printables are offered as image files, not in the more-standard .PDF versions. You'll want to save them to your hard drive (usually, a right-click on the image will let you save them), and open and print them. This also helps Tami stay within her bandwidth budget, so be kind!

Christmas Planner from Paper Crafting Obsession


Sweet and Simple: Menucca's Homemade Holiday Planner

holiday plannerLooking over our site, do you have the idea that over-the-top embellishments are standard fare for a handmade holiday planner?

For a different idea, take a look at this simple handmade holiday planner. Shared online by Scribd user Menucca, it's a 10-page, hand-drawn set of holiday planning pages. Uploaded in December, 2009, Menucca's calendar is for a previous year--but what does it matter when her pages are so fresh and creative and fun?

Menucca's whimsical doodle style makes for a unique and personal planner. Download her shared pages, or use her work as inspiration for a fresh take for your holiday planner:

Menucca's Holiday Planner


Holiday Countdown Checklist: A Minimalist Christmas Planner

holiday checklist

Who says Christmas planners need to be over-large ... or over the top? Check out this sleek solution from the Givers Log blog: a holiday countdown checklist.

As befits the spirit of the season, the blog offers free downloads. With versions in in blank form as well as in a pre-printed 12-week countdown, this is a minimalist approach to Christmas organizing ... and it's pretty, too!

Ultimate Holiday Countdown Checklist


Christmas Planner Templates: Cool Printables from Papercraft Inspirations

Papercrafters who want a unique, handcrafted spin to their holiday planners have a real friend in Papercraft Inspirations!

This UK-based crafting magazine has published a set of sweetly hand-drawn holiday planner pages. With templates for gift lists, calendars, shopping lists and more, their downloadable templates will make holiday planners sparkle.

Find them here for the download, in .PDF and .jpg formats:

Christmas Planner Templates


Holiday Spending Planner For A Debt-Free Christmas

printable holiday budgetIt's a printable planner with a purpose:'s holiday spending planner.

Similar to our Holiday Budget worksheet, this two-page printable budget form lists holiday spending line by line. Comprehensive and complete, it'll show you the true cost of celebrating the season--and it's offered as a printable .PDF form or as an interactive Excel spreadsheet.

Add it to your Christmas planner to save money on Christmas. First, use this planner to estimate total costs for the holiday season, then consult it as you shop to keep spending within budget.

Give yourself the ultimate Christmas gift: no new debt!

Holiday Spending Planner


Gift Lists: Colorful Holiday Checklists To Print

christmas checklistReady to get giving for the holiday season: Christmas, Hannukah or Kwanzaa? Print these colorful holiday checklists from!

Done up in gift-list style, these holiday checklists will keep tabs on the progress of your gift list.

Tuck one into your Christmas planner today! With versions for Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa, they've got your holiday giving covered.

Holiday Checklists