Smart Christmas Planner Solution: Duo Multitasking Organizer

Duo multitasking organizer

It's a binder. It's an accordion file. It'll supercharge your Christmas planner to create a place for receipts, recipes and tear files along side your gift lists and menu plans: the Duo 7-Pocket Accordion File Binder.

This bright idea combines the efficiency of a standard three-ring binder with the convenience of of an expanding accordion file, making it perfect to house your Christmas planner.

Whether you're stowing receipts or checking your gift list, this binder is a one-stop option to get organized for Christmas. Two elastic closures keep papers secured, but give easy access to either notebook or file as needed.

duo binder

Transparency note: the folks from Duo Binder sent me one to evaluate. And I fell promptly in love, thereby breaking my personal rule about not writing product reviews. But when you get something that is just this useful, it's time to share!

duo binder

Check it out ... to stop the Christmas paper chase cold!

Duo 7-Pocket Accordion File Binder

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