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Christmas Notebook Tour: Nuts and Bolts of Organized Holidays

christmas notebook tourLooking at some of our "over the top" Christmas planner tours, it can be hard to imagine using these works of art to actually organize the Christmas holidays.

That's why blogger Headly's hard-working Christmas notebook is worth the tour: it shows the nuts and bolts of using a Christmas planner to get organized for the holiday season.

We love her hands-on photo tour of a working Christmas planner:

Christmas Notebook Tour: Stay At Home Mom To Three Blog

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Hassel-Free Holiday Planner ... Plus Printables!

holiday plannerIt's a real-life Christmas notebook tour with a printable plus: a "Hassel-Free Holiday Planner"!

Blogger FawnDear, citing our Organized Christmas site (thank you, dearie!), joins the fun with a photo tour of her "Holiday Brain".

To inspire you, she's shared her personal Christmas countdown, and created a few free printable planning pages. Enjoy!

The Best Holiday Planner, By You, For You


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Practically Pink's Notebook Tour

holiday grand plan notebookThink all Christmas planners have to be artsy and "over the top" to make the grade? Not so! A simple three-ring binder notebook makes a fun and functional Christmas planner.

Check out this in-depth notebook tour from blogger Practically Pink as she follows the Holiday Grand Plan to prepare for the holiday season.

Taking you inside the covers of her Christmas planner, she shows the way to use this organizing tool to save time and cut stress as you get ready for Christmas:

Practically Pink's Holiday Grand Plan Notebook Tour

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Tour a Holiday Grand Plan Notebook

holiday grand plan notebookVisitors to often wonder: how do you make a Christmas notebook? Check out this Christmas Notebook Tour from our friend, Melinda Whitehead.

Don't miss Melinda's printable cover and divider pages for the Christmas Countdown; she's made it easy to create a warm and inspiring notebook for the Holiday Grand Plan:

Christmas Notebook Tour

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