Menu and Meal Planners

Pretty Menu Printable: This Designer Cooks

Jump to the intersection of cooking and creativity, and you'll find this pretty holiday menu planner from blogger This Designer Cooks!

With a serene color scheme, sparkling graphics and an efficient layout, this free printable will help you plan and organize holiday meals.

When visiting the site, do follow blogger Stephanie's instructions to download this image for printing. Because it's not shared as a .PDF file, you may need to use a helper application like Microsoft Word to print this image at the size you'll need.

Printable Holiday Menu Planner

Free Printable: Clean Mama's Holiday Shortcuts

Holiday Planner

Think the whole "Christmas planner" thing is a bit over the top? Here's a streamlined, all-in-one printable for Christmas planning: Clean Mama's Holiday Shortcuts Planner.

Designed to give you a quick grip on the most important holiday tasks, this planner would be right for singles, young families, or anyone who wants a single-page reminder of Christmas prep basics.

Pretty pink-and-green colors make it motivating!

[Note: this planner is shared as a printable image, not the more versatile .PDF format, and the page opens in a lightbox, which can be a bit confusing. Right-click on the image to save it to your computer for printing.]

Perky Printables: Holiday Menu Planner, Shopping List and To-Do List

free printable christmas list

If you're looking for something a bit different to stock your Christmas planner, craft blogger Aly Stamps sparks Christmas cheer with these free printable Christmas lists!

Bright and colorful, they'll keep you on track for planning Christmas meals and menus, getting to don the To-Do list, and tackling holiday grocery shopping. (We love the "For Hubby to Do" entry on the To-Do list!)

Offered in .jpg format, you'll need to right-click each image and save it to your computer for printing--and be sure to have plenty of ink for these colorful creations. Check them out:

Some Christmas Lists For You

Pretty Printable: Free Thanksgiving Planner

Thanksgiving Day is on the way ... will you be ready?

Find a pretty bit of planning help with this free printable Thanksgiving planner from Web site Whaddya Lookin' At?

With menu planner and shopping lists, recipe cards and seating chart, these printable pages would be a nice addition to the Christmas planner or household notebook.

And that cover! Oh, so pretty! In .PDF format:

Free Thanksgiving Planner

Christmas Planner Templates: Cool Printables from Papercraft Inspirations

Papercrafters who want a unique, handcrafted spin to their holiday planners have a real friend in Papercraft Inspirations!

This UK-based crafting magazine has published a set of sweetly hand-drawn holiday planner pages. With templates for gift lists, calendars, shopping lists and more, their downloadable templates will make holiday planners sparkle.

Find them here for the download, in .PDF and .jpg formats:

Christmas Planner Templates

Thanksgiving Holiday Planning Book: Free Custom Printables!

Thanksgiving holiday planning bookFrom sister site

American Thanksgiving is on the way, and it's time to get organized? Check out this free customizable Thanksgiving holiday feature from!

To print pages for a Thanksgiving holiday planning book, check off items from a list of planning pages, menus, recipes and tips. Click the "create book" button at the bottom of the page, and the site will generate a .PDF file containing all the information you requested.

Don't miss the Holiday Countdown! A November calendar, it sets out a four-week schedule to prepare for Thanksgiving Day. Nice!

Thanksgiving Holiday Planning Book

Christmas Pocket Planner Forms: New Freebies from

Have you heard about Christmas pocket planners? Handmade from scrapbooking paper and a simple pocket file folder, these little holiday planners are inexpensive, creative and just plain fun!

The pocket planner concept is sweeping the scrapbooking and rubber stamping world, but there's always been one thing missing: a set of printable forms for Christmas organizing.

Until now! Introducing the latest Organized Christmas forms set: Christmas Pocket Planner Forms!

Holiday Meal Planner: Print A Rosh Hashanah Planner

Traditional holiday meals cross cultural boundaries, but each celebration has its own unique flavor.

Get organized for Rosh Hashanah with this simple printable meal planner from Jumping Frogs.

Wishing you health, happiness, prosperity and peace for the coming year:

Rosh Hashanah Menu Planner

Printable Thanksgiving List from Real Simple

For Thanksgiving dinner--or any holiday meal--a countdown checklist can be a lifesaver. Get going on a back-to-basics turkey dinner for Thanksgiving with this printable Thanksgiving prep checklist from

Part menu planner, part meal preparation checklist, this form simplifies and streamlines creating a holiday meal. Add one to your Christmas planner and get cooking, for a great holiday meal:

Thanksgiving Prep Checklist

Unclutterer's Printable Weekly Meal Plan

weekly menu plannerEven during the busy holiday season, the family's got to eat. When the question's "What's for dinner?", the answer is a printable weekly meal planner.

Check out this printable from the Unclutterer blog; it's a basic, no-nonsense menu planner for a week's worth of meals. With dedicated space for notes and a grocery list, it's a powerful planning tool for an organized home ... any week of the year. The meal planner is offered in your choice of Excel spreadsheet format or as a printable .PDF file:

Creating A Weekly Meal Plan