Creative Christmas Planners

Judy's Crafty! A Precious Christmas Organiser

Christmas organiserMaking a splash from "across the pond": today, talented stamper Judy shares this fresh and striking Christmas organizer and planner. (That's "organiser", to our UK friends!)

Who'd have thought a non-traditional purple color scheme could be so endearing? Built on a simple lined notebook, Judy's use of hand-colored stamped images, creative contrast matting and just-right embellishments makes this Christmas planner truly shine.

Inside, Judy's stitched a sweet recipe for a Merry Christmas. All in all, a really dazzling planner that would make a wonderful Christmas gift:

Judy's Crafty Moments: Christmas Planner

holiday organizer

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Kickin' it With A Kit: Vicki's Christmas Planner!

christmas plannerThink you've got to have a scrap room full of papers and tools to make a splash with a Christmas planner? Nope!

Take a look at this vibrant Christmas planner from Vicki, blogging as Angel Stamper 2. Built from a scrapbooking kit from Colorbok, Vicki's planner rocks!

Layered self-adhesive embellishments make the cover special, while a simple--yet colorful--interior is laid out for efficient holiday planning.

Vicki uses small clips to attach gift lists to the planner pages, and tucks receipts inside a dedicated envelope on the cover.

Great job!

Vicki's Christmas Planner

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Vintage Beauty: Katrina's Christmas Planner

Like a vintage feel for your holiday planning? Check out this new Christmas holiday planner from Katrina at the Arty Parrot blog!

Cardstock covers and divider pages are arranged inside simple O-ring closures. With receipt envelopes and planning sections, this planner will conquer Christmas chaos.

Note, too, the clever button closure on the front cover. Makes it easy to keep gift lists secured and away from prying eyes!

But oh! the vintage embellishments. Katrina used downloadable altered pages digitals, but the right set of patterned paper might provide a similar old-time feel.

These images took me right back to the '50's Christmas designs of my childhood. Nice to see an "everything old is new again" treatment for a Christmas planner project!

Katrina's Christmas Planner

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Tutorial: Carol's Altered File Folder Christmas Planner

altered file folder plannerMake a Christmas holiday planner from a simple manila file folder? Yes, you can--with this nice tutorial from blogger Carol, at the Creating with Carol blog.

With clear images and step-by-step instructions, Carol shows even the crafts-averse reader how to use an altered file folder and scraps of patterned paper to make a hard-working holiday planner.

We like the calendars affixed to the inside panel; nobody will lose track of time or appointments with that information right up front! Receipt envelopes and gift lists fill out the remaining pockets.

Finally, stamped images and labels work together to make a pretty, organized Christmas planner. It would be a joy to sit down with this one!

Christmas Planner: Altered File Folder Tutorial

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Make A Holiday Planner: Feeling Crafty's Christmas Planner

holiday plannerOh, golly--isn't this a bright, crisp version of a handmade Christmas planner?

Talented stamp artist Bekka's Feeling Crafty blog highlights her beautiful, multi-paged Christmas planner. Using stamping techniques and coordinated patterned paper and cardstock, she's created a luscious planner to make and share.

Not to nudge her or anything, but we'd love to see the tutorial on the Web! Until then, her blog post offers to share instructions by email.

Anybody else raring to make this pretty planner? Nice job!

Feeling Crafty: Christmas Planner

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Classic and Beautiful: Becca's Holiday Planner

Becca's Holiday PlannerWant a great way to kickstart planning for Christmas, 2010? Check out this handmade holiday planner from Becca at Amazing Paper Grace blog.

Looking at this lovely project made me itching to get out my Spellbinders dies and play! The cover ornaments, shaped and embossed, give a classic touch to this project.

Lush ribbon closures and a stamped title make this an elegant holiday planner that would be a joy to use.

Inside the planner, don't miss three notebooks for list-making. Becca's made her own notebooks and list pad; if you're not-so-crafty, adding a cover to a repurposed notebook would shortcut the project.

Great job, Becca! Kick off a new holiday season with a visit to her blog to check out this creative Christmas planner:

Becca's Holiday Planner

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O-Ring Notebook: Christmas Planner Tutorial

christmas plannerSure, you can start with a pre-made notebook or composition book to create a Christmas planner--but making your own from scratch is easy, with this pretty tutorial from the Postcards from the Attic blog.

Sized at 6.25 inches square, this pocket-based planner is easy to assemble using a hole punch and O-ring binding.. With a subtle and pretty color scheme, rubber stampers will appreciate the easy-to-add stamping embellishments that make this project special.

Not to late to make this special holiday gift!

Christmas Planner

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