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Papercraft Pretties: Print Christmas Planner Pages

free christmas planner printablesNot being especially gifted in the artistic area, I'm always amazed to see what a talented paper-crafter can do to jazz up a printable form!

Don't believe me? Just check out these Christmas planner forms from the Paper Crafting Obsession blog! Mistress of the digital arts, blogger Tami has taken simple lists and directories to a whole new level--and better still, she's sharing them with you!

Swappers, don't miss her juiced-up versions of our Swaps Tracker and Swaps Directory forms.

One caveat: these printables are offered as image files, not in the more-standard .PDF versions. You'll want to save them to your hard drive (usually, a right-click on the image will let you save them), and open and print them. This also helps Tami stay within her bandwidth budget, so be kind!

Christmas Planner from Paper Crafting Obsession


Country Covers from Melinda's Christmas Notebook

Love all things "prim"? Our friend Melinda does--and her Christmas notebook tour shares several cute, country printable cover pages for your Christmas planner.

An organized touch: download your favorite printable Christmas planner cover page for 2008, 2009, or 2010.

This thoughtful addition makes it easy to create Christmas planner notebooks to give as gifts this year. Shared with a sister or a friend, you'll get ready for Christmas, 2009, together!

Thanks, Melinda ... nice work!

Melinda's Christmas Notebook