Adding to Inspiration: Misteejay's Christmas Planner

christmas plannerIf you liked these printable Christmas planner templates, take a look at what clever blogger Misteejay has made with them: a colorful and creative Christmas planner.

Using die-cut chipboard covers in a fabulous swooping shape, she's used the Papercraft Inspirations templates to create a lavish and practical planner. Based on envelopes punched and bound into a book, this planner is both useful and creative. We love the page-by-page planner tour, too!

With room for photos and embellishments, her Christmas planner goes beyond utilitarian; it'll be a cherished keepsake after the holiday season is over:

Christmas 2009 Planner

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Christmas Planner Templates: Cool Printables from Papercraft Inspirations

Papercrafters who want a unique, handcrafted spin to their holiday planners have a real friend in Papercraft Inspirations!

This UK-based crafting magazine has published a set of sweetly hand-drawn holiday planner pages. With templates for gift lists, calendars, shopping lists and more, their downloadable templates will make holiday planners sparkle.

Find them here for the download, in .PDF and .jpg formats:

Christmas Planner Templates


Paper Bag Holiday Planner: Trash to Treasure!

paper bag planner

Yes, you can make a lovely holiday planner from the most pedestrian start: paper bags.

Blogger Moxie from Stampersaurus studio brings us this creative use for simple paper bags. The planner's base is built from a stack of paper lunch sacks, folded in the center and secured with binder rings from the office supply store.

Trimmed with a lush assortment of patterned paper, and adorned with printed and downloaded gift lists, Moxie's holiday planner turns trash into Christmas treasure!

Paper Bag Holiday Planner

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Envelope Planner Tutorial: Christmas Organized, On Budget and Oh So Chic!

Such a clever idea! Stephanie from Rubber Romance Stamps shares her solution to Christmas budgeting: an envelope-based planner that holds cash for each recipient on her Christmas gift list.

Better still, this lavishly-photographed tutorial will take you step-by-step through creating an accordion envelope organizer in record time.

Using office store envelopes, cardstock, punches, patterned paper and pretty stamped embellishments, get Christmas ... organized!

Christmas ... Organized, On Budget and Oh So Chic!

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Altered Composition Book: Calie's Christmas Planner!

Drop around to blogger Calie's Creative Corner to see a lovely example of an altered composition book turned Christmas planner.

Adding cover embellishments and custom tabs, Calie's planner also includes a convenient receipt envelope tucked inside the rear envelope.

With a calendar added to the inside front cover, Calie will be covered for her holiday planning this year!

Altered Composition Book: Calie's Christmas Planner

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Pam's Holiday Planner: Bling Galore!

Blogger Pam Hooten over at the Iris Garden blog shares this sizzling-bright entry in the holiday planner field.

Loaded with bling and bright with creative touches, her little book can be used as a planner, a guest book or journal.

We'd love to see more shots of what's inside, but check out that cover! With layered embellishments that range from glitter to nostalgia, it's loaded with Christmas charm.

Pam Hooten's Holiday Planner

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Samantha's Altered Composition Book: Christmas Planner!

Here's an innovative but simple holiday planner from Samantha, who blogs as the Rubber Stamping Diva: an altered composition book.

Note her custom touches that make this project sparkle! A pen holder loop attached to the back cover keeps writing tools close at hand. Inside pockets stand ready to hold gift receipts, while a just-for-fun set of beaded bookmarks makes it easy to find lists, planner pages and calendars.

Last of all, a creative ornament cover embellishment gives this easy project a dazzling creative touch. Nice job!

Christmas in July: Altered Composition Book Holiday Planner

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