Make It!

Ready, Set, Punch! Set Up a Christmas Planner

You've gathered all the raw materials for your Christmas planner: binder or notebook, dividers, paper, tools and supplies. Your printer's been humming for a couple of days, printing out planner forms, checklists and articles.

Now it's time to put it all together!

Set Up Your Christmas Planner

Divide and Conquer: Christmas Planner Dividers

Dividers do the heavy lifting of organizing information in your Christmas planner. They enable instant access to any section in the Christmas planner, bringing information to your fingertips.

Give some thought to the sections you'll need to prepare for Christmas. Every family’s needs are different, but most planners will contain these dividers:

Supply List: Supplies for a Christmas Planner

Making a Christmas planner can be as simple as tucking a stack of lined paper into a three-ring binder, but if you want to get the most out of this Christmas organizing tool, consider this list of supplies:

  • Three-ring binder or notebook; a clear-view binder is easy to decorate with a pretty cover and spine insert
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